Brace for Jimpact!



Jimmy LeChase is a stand-up comedian, producer and writer based out of New York City.

Jimmy has opened for many of comedy’s best including Doug Stanhope, Al Madrigal, Dave Foley, David Koechner, Dave Attell, Eddie Pepitone and Barry Crimmins. He’s appeared at Caroline’s, The Creek and the Cave, The Comedy Club (Rochester, NY), Stand Up NY, Nietzsche’s (Buffalo), Boulder Coffee Co. (Rochester), Brit Pack, The Waypost (Portland), a bowling alley in the middle of nowhere, a few fire halls, a couple attics and a whole lot of other places that don’t really scream “comedy.”

Jimmy is also a producer and is currently working with the group Mood Swing Comedy to produce regular shows in NYC, Rochester, NY and Portland, OR with his partners Mike Gifaldi and Kevin Ricotta. They just wrapped up their first tour of Oregon and continue to produce 6 shows a month in Manhattan that regularly feature some of the best comedians in the city.

Listen, he loves comedy and it’s what he wants to do the most and he’s hoping to do a lot of it as often as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to email