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Jimmy LeChase: Dog Stuff
October 23, 2015 | No Comments



As many of you may have heard, my beloved dog Vinnie passed away 3 weeks ago. It’s been rougher to cope with than my wife and I expected, but in keeping with the lessons our boy taught us, we’re moving forward and remembering to keep going no matter what; always smelling the air and taking in everything good.

Which is why, on November 15th, 2015 (my 33rd birthday) at 7:oopm, I will be doing a show at Bunga’s Den where I’m going to say goodbye to all of the material I’ve been doing for the last two years.

This is also going to be my first attempt at recording an album; which should be fun, but that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that I manage to guilt some of you into making a donation to the ASPCA in Vinnie’s name. They were amazing to us as Vinnie was nearing the end of his life, and this is literally the least Katie and I could do for them.

If you’d like to come, terrific! Feel free to email me at, or respond to the Facebook invite (LINK). We’ll have a great time. I’ll try to pack as many surprises into the show as possible and make it about a lot more than me.

This is about remembering the dog that gave me so much. Hope to see you there.


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