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Rochester Raised Comedians Bring Production Group Home
August 11, 2015 | No Comments

Check it out! Below is the first press release for a Mood Swing comedy show! Now you know we’re getting serious. Very serious.


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Mood Swing Comedy Brings First Show To Rochester

Rising production group based in PDX, NYC and ROC to begin shows in Rochester.

ROCHESTER, NY, August 10th, 2015 – Mood Swing is pleased to announce that they are teaming up with Crazy Dog T-Shirts and Flour City Station to bring the first ever “Mood Swing Comedy Presents” show to Rochester, NY on August 20th, 2015 at 8:00pm.

The show features some of the funniest people from Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. Literally. They are all past winners or runner ups in their city’s “Funniest Person” contest. The show on August 20th at 8:00 features Rick Matthews (Buffalo’s Funniest), Anna Phillips (Syracuse’s Funniest), BJ Scanlon (Rochester’s Funniest) and Brian Edwards (Rochester’s Funniest Finalist) alongside Mood Swing’s own  Mike Gifaldi and Jimmy LeChase.

Crazy Dog T-Shirts, leading provider of funny shirts online, and premier local source for custom apparel design and printing services, will help enhance the series by giving away some of their most popular t-shirts to ticket-holding audience members.

Mike Gifaldi, Kevin Ricotta and Jimmy LeChase are all Rochester born and raised stand-up comedians. They met at the open mics all around the city and performed together countless times in weird places like bowling alleys, attics and comedy clubs. Over the past three years, they have spread out. Jimmy lives in NYC now. Kevin is in Portland, Oregon. Mike is in Rochester.

Despite the distance, the three wanted to find a way to keep performing together and putting on stand-up comedy shows in weird places like bowling alleys and attics.

The trio started Mood Swing Comedy in July of 2015, and decided to form an ambitious production group that would produce shows in three different cities on two different coasts, and that’s just the beginning.

Mood Swing is now producing two weekly shows in Manhattan and has a mini-tour of the Pacific Northwest lined up for October with Kevin Ricotta on the verge of producing another weekly show in PDX. The only city left to get started in was Rochester. Their hometown.

Flour City Station is “a dream venue” according to LeChase and “a great location that couldn’t be better” says Gifaldi. “We wanted a place that hasn’t done stand-up yet, so we reached out to Matt Green at Flour City Station and when they said yes, we flipped out,” says LeChase.

“Comedy at a music venue isn’t a new thing,” LeChase says, “but we’re going to try and make it the best thing.”    

 The first edition of Mood Swing Comedy Presents  will kick off on August 20th at 8:00pm at Flour City Station at 170 East Avenue. Tickets can be purchased for $5 at the door.

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