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New Shows! Mood Swing Comedy! Other Things!
August 9, 2015 | No Comments

Great news, everybody!

Kevin Ricotta, Mike Gifaldi and Jimmy LeChase have started a new production group called Mood Swing Comedy that’s is putting on regular shows in Manhattan, Portland, Oregon and Rochester, NY. And they’re going on a mini-tour in October!


If you’re itching to see what’s what, Jimmy has already kicked off his weekly show in Manhattan. It’s called Church! and it takes place every Sunday night at 7:00pm in one of the coolest comedy spots in the Big Apple, Bunga’s Den.  The lineups are stacked and feature comedians that have been seen on Letterman, Conan, Spike TV, Chappelle’s Show, Montreal’s JFL and Comedy Central. It’s free and weekly and you never know who may drop in.



On the Rochester, NY side of things, Mike Gifaldi will be starting a new show at Flour City Station; which kicks off on Thursday, August 20th at 8pm for the low price of $5 and features Rick Matthews (Buffalo’s Funniest Person winner), Anna Phillips (Syracuse’s Funniest Person), BJ Scanlon (Funniest Person in Rochester winner) and Brian Edwards (really swell fellow).  Come on out, Rochester!


Kevin Ricotta is still getting settled in Portland, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve secured the first 3 nights of our mini-tour of the Pacific Northwest. We’ll be in Portland, Salem and Eugene in early October at The Waypost, Capitol City Theater and Old Nick’s respectively. Lot’s of cool stuff, but make sure to keep an eye on Kevin to see when and where he’ll be opening up some Mood Swing Shows in PDX.

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There’s your update! Check out Jimmy’s calendar if you want to see him live or just want to follow along with what’s happening with Mood Swing and see current lineups!

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